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Registration and Subscription

How do I register on Shopperr?

Sign up for a free account. It gives you access to a forever free subscription plan called Starter. No credit card or payment information required.

Do I need a GST number to register on Shopperr?

Yes. Since it is a B2B sourcing platform, you must register as a business by including your GST number in the Signup form.

Why do I need a subscription plan?

A subscription plan gives you access to select products and export their information to your Amazon or Shopify stores. You can choose one of the 3 plans

  • Starter
  • Professional
  • Premium

Each plan has been carefully created to include features that help you make the most of your efforts. Select the plan that solves your business needs.

What are the benefits of a free subscription?

A free subscription is the best way to try reselling online or even offline. The Starter plan allows you to select up to 500 products. To resell these products, you can export the data to your online store. Whenever your customer places an order on your store, you can place an order for the product on Shopperr. You can place up to 20 orders in this plan.

What are the benefits of a Professional subscription?

With a Professional subscription, you can select up to 20,000 products and place up to 200 orders. As in the Starter plan, you can export product information directly to your online store for reselling. For just INR 1900 per month, it helps you work more efficiently:

  • Pricing automation allows you to set your markup on our price. If there is a change in our price, your markup remains unchanged and safeguards your profit. This way you do not have to monitor the price of 20,000 products that you may resell.
  • API integration automates the data export to your store. You can sync inventory, prices, orders and tracking details. You can even download the data to your device.
  • A sales report is available for your analysis


What are the benefits of a Premium subscription?

This plan let you harness all the benefits of this next-generation sourcing platform for just INR 2999 per month. With it:


  • You get all the benefits of a Professional Plan and additionally
  • You can select an unlimited number of products
  • Place an unlimited number of orders
  • An advanced sales report is available with all the data and analysis
  • You can make a product exclusive for yourself. Noone else can resell that product when you make it exclusive for your store. Please contact our customer support for details.
  • VIP rewards like cashback and delivery options. Please contact our customer support for details.

How many products can I select at a time?

It depends on your subscription plan.


  • Starter = 500
  • Professional = 20,000
  • Premium = Unlimited

Each plan has different provisions. The details of each plan are mentioned above.

Reselling and Order Placement

How do I resell a product?

If you want to sell on your online store or Amazon follow the below steps:


  • Login to your Shopperr account
  • Browse the Shopperr store and select the products you want to sell
  • Download the data. If you connect your store using our API this part can be automated.
  • Markup the price to include your profit margin while keeping it attractive for your customers.
  • Upload the data on your store
  • One someone buys an item on your store, place its order on Shopperr
  • Enter the physical address of your customer
  • Make the payment
  • We deliver the products to your customer.
  • We can even put your/ your store name as the sender

If you want to sell through your offline store, follow the below steps:

  • Login to your Shopperr account
  • Browse the Shopperr store and select the products you want to sell
  • Place an order for the products
  • Enter the physical address of your warehouse or your customer
  • Make the payment.
  • We deliver the products to you or your customer.
  • We can even put your/ your store name as the sender


Can I buy items in bulk?

Yes, you can. If you are a B2B trader or wholesaler and wish to order in bulk, please get in touch with our customer support.

Once you become a member your Shopperr dashboard will show our special wholesale prices on the products. You get better margins to trade.

Is there a way to connect my Shopperr account with my online store?

Yes. We provide data integration API which connects your Shopperr account to your online store. It syncs the selected product’s data with your eCommerce store on Amazon or Shopify. It automates the process of updating your product prices, stock levels and other important information.

You can access all the information at one place in your dashboard and work efficiently. The data and reports are downloadable.

Do I get a GST invoice for my orders?

Yes. We share the GST invoice in the first week of every month.

What is “First sell, then pay”?

It means you do not purchase the products to resell. You just promote the products in your store using the product data you get from Shopperr.

 You only pay when you get an order at your store. When your customer buys from you, order the product at Shopperr and pay us. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit/debit card, net banking and various online wallets. You can keep the money in EWallet of your Shopperr account to automate your payments.

What is EWallet?

It is your secure online wallet at Shopperr. You can use it to automate your payments for the subscription and orders you place. Just login to your account and use one of the payment methods to transfer money into your EWallet.

 Delivery and Shipping

Who manages the delivery of products?

We do. Once your order is processed, we deliver the products to the physical address you provided. It could be your customer’s location, your physical outlet or warehouse.

What are the delivery charges?

The shipping cost is calculated separately on each product and gets reflected on the check-out page. For more details, please refer to our Delivery and Shipping Policy.

How long does it take to get the delivery?

The estimated delivery time will reflect in your dashboard against your order.

Can I track my orders?

Yes, you can track your orders in your dashboard on Shopperr.

Do you have delivery and shipping partners?

We use a large network of leading couriers for local and international deliveries. Some of them are Blue Dart, FedEx, XpressBees, DHL, GLS, UPS, US Postal Service, Amazon, Shopify, and Indian Postal Service.  

Can I or my customer return an item I purchased?

Please refer to our Return and Refund Policy.

More Features

What is Price Monitor?

Shopperr provides the Maximum Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) as a guideline for you. Price Monitor is a tool that helps you set your margin for the products you wish to resell in your store. It gives you the option to automate your resale price as per the markup.

What is a white label solution? 

You can customize the products to market them as your own. Brand them before you share and create an impact. This leads to better brand recall and increased sales.

When we deliver the products to your customers, we can place your name as the sender instead of our name.

How do I use the API integration to connect my store?

Connecting your Shopperr account to your store gives your real-time updates on all aspects of your selected products. We have described the steps involved in integrating the API with your Amazon and Shopify store.

1.    Amazon Store

To connect your Amazon Seller account, please follow the below steps:

Step 1:

  • Log in to your Amazon Seller Central
  • Navigate to Settings > User Permissions.

Step 2:

    • On the User Permissions page, click the yellow button at the bottom which says “Authorize a Developer”. Consider the screenshot below for reference:


Step 3: Enter the following field values as on the screenshot below:

Developer’s Name: Shopperr
Developer ID: 0378-4969-9929

       developer name 

 Step 4:

  • Check “I agree” checkbox on the next page to confirm that you allow Shopperr to synchronize data to your amazon account.
  • Click Next. 



Step 5:

  • On the next page, you will see your Amazon MWS API credentials
  • Please copy and save your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token.                     
  • seller id                                                                                                                                                             

Step 6:

  • Now log in to your Shopperr account
  • Navigate to Marketplace > Marketplace API.

Step 7:

  • Click Amazon logo on the page.
  • Copy the Amazon Seller ID and MWS Auth Token from Step 5 above and paste them into the appropriate fields.                                                                   amazon logo



Step 8: Click “Save Connection”

Step 9:

  • Now log in to your Amazon Seller Central again
  • Navigate to Settings> User Permission >Amazon MWS Developer Permissions.
  • Enable the “Developer Access Confirmation” as in the screenshot below.          
  • user permission




  • Check your email from Amazon for “Enable MWS Developer Access Confirmation”
  • Open the email and click the “Enable Developer Access Confirmation” button
  • You can skip this step if you have already confirmed MWS Developer Access earlier                                                                                                        confirmation



1.           Shopify store

  • Navigate to the marketplace API page
  • Click on Shopify logo
  • Fill in your Shopify name
  • Enable your connection


Our automation synchronization is value-added. Please update your membership/ subscription to enable your connection.

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